Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts: A little Relaxation in a Bag

Teachers work hard everyday with our children and they deserve some time to relax too!  They deal with tantrums and still love and care for our children, filling their heads with as much information as they can.  Kameron and I made up these little bags, made our own soap and bath salts for some much deserved R&R!

We started with a kit from AC Moore to make your own soap.  We broke up the soap as directed and melted it in the good old microwave.  Next we added the ground up apricot seed for exfoliation and some herbal, vanilla, and orange scent to make it smell sooooo yummy!

After pouring the soap into the molds we let it sit overnight and then came time to dress it up.  We used a brown paper lunch bag to wrap the soap with scrapbook adhesive to hold it all together, we wrapped it like a package then added some decorative paper around it and some raffia.

The other part of our bag included bath salts.  We poured our bath salts that you can get at AC Moore into our bowl.  Next added some dried lavender flowers and a mixture of the same oils to create a similar scent to the soap.  Then Kameron mixed it all up and spooned it into individual sachet bags.

Now to package it all up!  I used a plain old brown paper lunch bag, some raffia and paper crafting to spruce it up and present it.  A soap and two sachets were in each bag.  Hopefully you can share this gift with someone special too!

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